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Architect, MBA, and Professional Futurist Greg Turner can work with you to augment your organization’s strategic direction and financial performance, through his focus on the relationships between external environmental conditions and internal strategic development.

Greg Turner
Architecture / Engineering / Construction Industry
Built Environments
Design Processes

Where once a building featured a single component serving the structural, environmental, and aesthetic purposes, the modern industrial edifice is a complex integration of many smaller-scaled systems, each with a highly specialized function.  Buildings are not simply assemblages of materials and machines; they represent a deployment of economic resources to different components.  Throughout history, the micro-economic composition of projects has created the actual physical make-up of buildings. 

For those interested in discerning future trends in building design, the methodology in this book demonstrates a roadmap for the process.

136 pages / Hardback
Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold; First Edition edition (1986)


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